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  • How can I find out more about the church? We periodically have a class for our guests and newcomers that meets in the sanctuary.  You’ll learn about our church’s history, Presbyterianism, and how you can get more involved.

  • How can I find out about the different service and growth opportunities the church has? Contact the church office for information about our youth group, children’s ministries, mission program, grief support group, and more.  

  • How is the church campus laid out? Worship takes place in the historic Sanctuary. The Perkerson Building to the left and back houses the nursery during worship and is home to the church pre-school when it is in operation. The Conyers Building to the right of the sanctuary houses the Fellowship Hall, most Sunday School classes, and the church offices. 

  • What about parking? Additional parking is available in the two lots across the street and in the parking lot of the former grocery store next door.



There are several places to park depending on your needs. On the side of Love Street in front of the church sanctuary Across the street in the parking lot of the Masonic lodge In the church parking lot behind the Conyers Building To the left of the church in the empty lot NURSERY (View church map to see the location) The church nursery is located in the Perkerson Building and a nursery is provided during worship for children birth thru kindergarten