REEL THERAPY  (on hiatus )

Movies are coming to Lifting In Love! These will be commercially produced movies created for entertainment not how-to’s on dealing with grief, etc. Sharing stories, art, and music has been used since time in memorial to entertain, to teach, and to build bridges and relationships between people. Since movies have been added, the current name for this practice is “reel therapy”.   Beginning with Karl Menninger in the 1930’s, literature and movies have proven to be entertaining, powerful, non-threatening tools for coping with painful issues. Confronting emotional pain vicariously and seeing how others deal with similar issues can reassure us that we can survive, prove that we are not alone or crazy, provide ideas for handling specific problems, and inspire us to develop effective coping skills. Discussions focused on stories and characters are much more comfortable than sharing personal experiences. Expressing our deepest feelings in a group situation can be the emotional equivalent of wearing a string bikini or a speedo--we may feel seriously over-exposed and embarrassed! Talking about characters is emotionally safe, yet effective.   We plan to show a movie during our regular Monday night meetings at least once a month. Schedules and movie titles will be posted on our website, in the newsletter, and in the bulletin. Non-members are welcome to attend.