Lifting In Love is a Christian peer support group for any adult who is grieving. Attendance is about evenly split between men and women. Losses may be very recent, very old, or somewhere in between. (It is not professional counseling.) Participants may join the program at any time and remain in it for as long as they  wish.


Austell Presbyterian Church in the Conyers Building*(see note) 


Saturday, 10:30 am, except major holidays.


Although everyone grieves differently, the loving support and understanding of Christian friends who are at different points in their grieving processes can ease the pain, confusion, and loneliness of each one. The focus is often self-centered when grief is new, but gradually opens into finding comfort through reaching out to others. Thus we obey the Biblical command to "Bear one another's burdens." 



None. Members may sign up to provide snacks, but this is not required. Contact the church office or John Hollner (404) 247-0801 for additional information. 

 * Note* Monthly meetings are held and we share a meal during this time. 

Contact John Hollner or the church office for the location on these dates.